Epoxy floor coating is no longer the best option as a concrete coating 0431 775 771

When it comes to flooring restoration of a concrete floor, pathways, driveway or an residential, commercial and industrial areas choose a Polyaspartic Polyurea concrete floor coating product from Flexico as the advantages far out way epoxy concrete coatings.

Flexico are the importers, distributors and installers of the worlds most advanced concrete coating in Australia, Flexico call if Flexicoat you will call it blood amazing with a full 10 year residential warranty and 5 year commercial industrial warranty.

For years epoxy was the market leader because options were limited but not any longer.

The great features of Flexicoat is that it is:

  • 4x Stronger than Epoxy coatings.
  • Flexible and Impact Resistant.
  • 10x Warranty of their competitors.
  • Lifetime UV Warranty.
  • Ready to Walk On in 2 hours.
  • No Toxic Poisonous Fumes like epoxy products
  • No peeling, cracking, fading or yellowing.

So no to epoxy flooring and epoxy floor coatings and say yes to Flexicoat 0431 775 771.