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Concrete Restorations and Floor Coatings Sydney by PolFloors 0431 775 771

PolFloors is carrying out a major campaign to help home and business owners across Sydney to restore and bring life back to all your concrete areas around your home or workplace.

Polffloors can apply a special floor coating that is not toxic like other floor coatings i.e Epoxy floor coatings and furthermore will outlast epoxy coatings by up to 10 times.

Polfloors provide a full 10 year residential warranty and full 5 year commercial warranty on their Polfloors floor coatings. For a complete range of colours and styles as well as written quotations contact Polfloors NSW for the very best in concrete restorations and floor coatings in Sydney.

Polfloors is the most advanced flooring solution provided to the home domestic, commercial and industrial market place Australia wide. Quite clearly PolFloors is a far superior quality based complete flooring solution than traditional epoxy of two pack floor coatings, For years your choices and product choices have been inferior based on range, longevity, maintenance and application. PolFloors ticks all the boxes including ascetics and value for money.

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Floor Coatings Give Your Floors a New Look and Lease on Life

If your looking for an alternative flooring solution to the norm or traditional poor wearing epoxy style coatings then you need to consider the world leader in decretive and protective floor coatings. “PolFloors” a division of the iCoat Australia FloorCoats family. With largest range of floor coatings ever witnesses in Australia, you will not only be tempted by what a “PolFloors” Flooring Technician can achieve for home or business.


PolFloors can restore old, cracked and faded concrete, tiled, restaurants and high traffic areas in shopping centres etc, they can even cover industrial factories because of the guarantee they provide.

With PolFloors now operating Nationally they have you covered by Dave Adams Qld and NSW state manager /owner Dave covers floor coatings for the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Sunshine, as well as North Queensland’s Cairns etc, Dave or his one his PolFloors technicians in Sydney, in Melbourne we have John who cover they whole CBD and to to Ballarat.

Give your home or business a new look and lease on life with a floor coating. Old can be new again.

Phone our central number on0431 775 771 to get in touch with your local area for Floor Coatings For Garages, Driveways Paths.                  

Epoxy floor coating is no longer the best option as a concrete coating 0431 775 771

When it comes to flooring restoration of a concrete floor, pathways, driveway or an residential, commercial and industrial areas choose a Polyaspartic Polyurea concrete floor coating product from Flexico as the advantages far out way epoxy concrete coatings.

Flexico are the importers, distributors and installers of the worlds most advanced concrete coating in Australia, Flexico call if Flexicoat you will call it blood amazing with a full 10 year residential warranty and 5 year commercial industrial warranty.

For years epoxy was the market leader because options were limited but not any longer.

The great features of Flexicoat is that it is:

  • 4x Stronger than Epoxy coatings.
  • Flexible and Impact Resistant.
  • 10x Warranty of their competitors.
  • Lifetime UV Warranty.
  • Ready to Walk On in 2 hours.
  • No Toxic Poisonous Fumes like epoxy products
  • No peeling, cracking, fading or yellowing.

So no to epoxy flooring and epoxy floor coatings and say yes to Flexicoat 0431 775 771.