Playground Shade Sails School Shade Sails Protect Your Kids With Shade Sails

ProOne is a local Gold Coast company that specialises in the construction and installation of Shade Sail solutions for large areas. ProOne have been installing superior quality shade sails into school yards, sports courts, playgrounds and day care centres for years, protecting our kids from the sun while encouraging outdoor exercise and play.

We are all aware of the severity of Australia’s sun, particularly in our school yards. Teachers, carers, mums and dads are all aware of the ‘no hat, no play’ rule in every primary school, high school, kindergarten and day care centre. Protecting our kids at an early age is imperative to their health later in life so ensure you are giving kids the best chance to enjoy the great outdoors in safety with permanent shade structures and shade sails in school yards and playgrounds.

ProOne individually design shade solutions and shade sail structure to suit your particular location, weather conditions and existing architecture to get maximum shade and protection while contributing aesthetically to your building.

ProOne only constructs quality shade sail structures using Bluescope high tensile steel, 90% UV rated commercial quality shade cloth fastened with durable stainless steel connections. All posts are coated in 3 part epoxy paint to prevent weathering and deterioration.

Curved rooflines are integrated into the design of all shade sails and shade structures to maximise structural strength and water run off. ProOne understand the versatility required in school playgrounds and believe in the flexibility shade structures and shade sails give to schools all year round.

Protect your kids against the sun and safeguard their health with Shade Sails and Shade Structures by ProOne shade sail design and installation on the Gold Coast. Call us today on 07 5531 2030 or visit to view our entire range of shade sail, soft fall rubber and synthetic grass solutions.

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