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Rubber Surfacing Softfall Playground Surfacing Rubber Surfaces Gold Coast

ProOne rubber surfacing is a fantastic option for worn grass, paved, bitumen and concrete surfaces where vigorous play and the occasional tumbles might be expected and is ideal for use as playground rubber safety surfaces. ProOne rubber surfacing uses a unique shock pad system that has been independently certified to ensure exceptional quality and consistency at all times.

ProOne rubber surfacing has a wide range of vibrant colours available, and is extremely versatile and can also be used in places such as; gyms, weight rooms, golfing and pedestrian thoroughfares and equestrian centres. ProOne rubber surfacing is also available is a large number of stencils such as letters, number, pictures and logos.

When applying rubber surfacing, we first prepare our workplace site, and then we begin our process. We lay a base of crusher dust which is thoroughly compacted, Shocks pads are laid to ensure correct impact attention. The shock pads are secured together and coasted with a wear layer also know as a top coat, this is the cosmetic portion of you project bringing colour and life to your new rubber surface.

Customers can be assured that ProOne rubber surfacing products will perform as intended after installation as the combination of prefabricated and quality control of the stock pad. ProOne rubber surfacing will avoid problems with inconsistency and surface deterioration that have traditionally occurred with traditional wet-pour and loose laid tile systems. ProOne rubber surfacing unique seam joining system enables extensions and repairs to surfaces to be carried out quickly, neatly and without adversely affecting the integrity of the product.

If you are interested in ProOne rubber surfacing or any other ProOne products contact us on 07 5531 2030 or visit our website

Playground Shade Sails School Shade Sails Protect Your Kids With Shade Sails

ProOne is a local Gold Coast company that specialises in the construction and installation of Shade Sail solutions for large areas. ProOne have been installing superior quality shade sails into school yards, sports courts, playgrounds and day care centres for years, protecting our kids from the sun while encouraging outdoor exercise and play.

We are all aware of the severity of Australia’s sun, particularly in our school yards. Teachers, carers, mums and dads are all aware of the ‘no hat, no play’ rule in every primary school, high school, kindergarten and day care centre. Protecting our kids at an early age is imperative to their health later in life so ensure you are giving kids the best chance to enjoy the great outdoors in safety with permanent shade structures and shade sails in school yards and playgrounds.

ProOne individually design shade solutions and shade sail structure to suit your particular location, weather conditions and existing architecture to get maximum shade and protection while contributing aesthetically to your building.

ProOne only constructs quality shade sail structures using Bluescope high tensile steel, 90% UV rated commercial quality shade cloth fastened with durable stainless steel connections. All posts are coated in 3 part epoxy paint to prevent weathering and deterioration.

Curved rooflines are integrated into the design of all shade sails and shade structures to maximise structural strength and water run off. ProOne understand the versatility required in school playgrounds and believe in the flexibility shade structures and shade sails give to schools all year round.

Protect your kids against the sun and safeguard their health with Shade Sails and Shade Structures by ProOne shade sail design and installation on the Gold Coast. Call us today on 07 5531 2030 or visit to view our entire range of shade sail, soft fall rubber and synthetic grass solutions.

Sports Surfacing Rubber Courts Rubber Floor Cover Gold Coast ProOne

When looking for Sports Constructions in Gold Coast, Brisbane ensure you are dealing with locally owned and operated, class leading experts. ProOne are the affordable professionals to manage your Rubber Courts from beginning to end. Every Rubber Court is individual, whether you’re in Gold Coast, Brisbane or a nearby region, they have a solution for you. ProOne work to meet your expectations.

ProOne provide the latest products in the Sports Constructions industry, that you can back. They are ready to meet all your Rubber Court needs and are able to sell you Sports Surfacing accessories including Rubber Floor Cover, Shock Pads and Sports Acrylics. ProOne gives you, the customer; peace of mind that you are working with the right business. Placing your Rubber Court requirements as our primary goal has resulted in high customer satisfaction within the Sports Constructions industry.

ProOne has the largest range of Sports Surfacings for your Rubber Court. Sports Surfacings are what ProOne specialize in, using the highest quality production techniques to provide speciality Rubber Court products. ProOne are the leading specialists in Sports Constructions throughout Gold Coast, Brisbane and surrounding areas. There are many sports played on the Gold Coast and our flooring is perfect for Basketball, Netball, Indoor Soccer, Volleyball and many more.

To see the wide range of Sports Constructions as well as Sports Surfacings, Rubber Floor Cover, Sports Acrylic and Shock Pad accessories for all your Rubber Court needs, speak to the professional team ProOne by phoning 07 5531 2030. ProOne is a Gold Coast, Brisbane business devoted to giving you the best Sports Construction needs. Learn more at