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Best Concrete Coatings Gold Coast

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A new concrete floor coating carried out by the Flooring Expert Guys of iCoat know how to deliver first class finishes with their Floor Coats. You do not need to have drab grey garages or pathways or exposed concrete that is rough under foot give your home garages, driveways, pathways and entertainment areas the best in floor coatings that will not yellow, peel, fade or crack and all our coatings are low voc toxin free so not only do they look great but will also be kind to the families health.

Garage and Driveway Floor Restorations
Seamless Floor Coatings for Interior and Exterior of Homes
Low Voc Floor Coatings That Wont Harm your Family
Coatings Will Not Yellow, Peel Fade or Crack
No Epoxy Flooring Toxins Polyaspartic Polyurea

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Floor Coats Australia are a division of iCoat Australia our Garage Floor Coatings offer unsurpassed durability. Polycuramine is 20 times stronger than epoxy coatings. With its resistance to salt, oil, gas and other harsh chemicals, this is one of the toughest floor coatings on the planet. It’s easy to maintain and will last a lifetime while still looking fantastic. Our product is industrial grade, high-performance garage floor finish that will last for years.

Now here is the best part of our floor coatings it is

•20x Stronger Than Epoxy
•Drive on in 24 Hours
•Extreme High Gloss Finish
•No Hot Tyre Pickup
•Chemical Resistant
•Low Odour & VOC Free

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Floor Coatings Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

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As homes, offices and commercial buildings age, there are quite a few things which may have to be repaired, overhauled or even replaced. Flooring is one such thing which would require regular repair and upkeep. In many situations, there could be no other alternative but to have it replaced with new flooring.

In many situations a good coating of epoxy could do a world of good and keep the flooring strong for many more years to come. Hence, if there is a need for such flooring requirements, you could perhaps have a look at us. We have the best of credentials and goodwill in the area of flooring.

Our ability to offer the best of flooring solutions to both domestic and commercial customers is something which makes us quite different from others.

Further we can offer both readymade as well as customized flooring solutions. We analyze each and every requirement closely and find out more about the flooring, the type of traffic that it will handle, the moisture content beneath the surface and other such things.

All this and more certainly makes us quite different from others. Our rates are also quite reasonable and at the same time we do not compromise on quality under any circumstances.

Asbestos Removal Sydney Mr Removals 1800 099 640 Specialise in Safe Cost Effective Asbestos Removal

sydney asbstos removal
Asbestos the silent killer does not need to make you, a family member or friend the next victim. Sydney based asbestos removal company specialise in safe, cost effective asbestos removal from any home or business.
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Asbestos Removal


xx Bonded asbestos removal

xx Domestic, retail, commercialxx Realistic pricing

xx Fully insured

xx All fibro and asbestos products

xx Extensive knowledge

Asbestos Testing


xx Identification and sampling

xx Fully licensed

xx 30 Years experience

xx Safety led approach

xx Qualified staff

xx Honest and reliable

Asbestos Disposal


xx Fully compliant with NSW regulations

xx Cost effective with small parcel pick up

xx Fully trained professional staff

xx Your safety is our No 1 priority

xx Fast efficient service

xx High quality service to all customers


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Insurance Valuations for Body Corporate

Building Replacement Insurance Valuations

We have been monitoring a building that had a major fire and the time taken just to demolish the old building was 6 months.

Value of the Building Replacement Costs

The calculated value of the building comprises of several elements:

  • Present Building Costs.
  • Allowance for Cost Escalation during the lead time of planning, calling tenders, and fitout.
  • Professional Fees.
  • Removal of Debris.

Cost Escalation is the allowance made for price increases of costs incurred in re building such as Engineering Fees and Materials.

With the rising of extreme events in north Queensland over the last couple of years, With Cyclone ITA. It is a timely reminder that Risk Management of the Value of an Insurance Valuation to determine if the building is under-insured. Best Practice in the industry is having a review of the replacement insurance every 5 years, with this requirement written into body corporate and Strata legislation .

Northern Queensland has experienced I dramatic rise in the premiums and is certainly a contentious issue, with the excessive premiums from the insurance companies making it harder for owners. Strata Community Australia has embarked on a campaign to bring these issues to the insures and getting some common sense back in the market.

Contact today to make sure your property is correctly insured because insurance valuations for body corporate is our business.