Best Concrete Floor Coatings Melbourne Restore Or Coat Old Concrete

Worlds Best Floor Coating iCoat is Now Number One Now In Australia. Available through iCoat Melbourne.

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When it comes to concrete coatings there is no better than iCoat concrete coatings so It is no big surprise that many Australians are choosing the world’s best floor coating to being applied to their garage floors, driveways, pathways, home floors internally as well as commercial applications in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, kitchens, public areas, fire and ambulance stations and mechanical workshops and car dealer showrooms.

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With the largest range of finishes and colours it is the most preferred concrete floor coating used throughout Melbourne and is now proudly marketed, supplied and applied throughout Melbourne by iCoat Flooring Melbourne located in Ballarat . There is no floor surface they can not refurbish, restore and turn to a Hollywood standard. Forget traditional highly toxic epoxy flooring it is old technology that has a high failure rate compared to iCoat Polyaspartic Polyurea floor coatings.

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The great part about iCoat Floor Coatings Melbourne  is that it is fast to apply and you can walk on or drive on it the same day with out concerns of it not being dry and as iCoat coatings are 100% environmentally friendly there is now harmful toxic fumes to try and avoid after applications. We know how toxic and poisinous epoxy coatings can be. So if yours and your families or even your customers health is a concern, eliminate the concern with an environmentally friendly floor coating that will out last, and out shine old fashion epoxy flooring it will look awesome of a lifetime unlike epoxy flooring (read more).


The other great part about iCoat Flooring is the no maintenance aspect, once down many concrete coatings like stamped or stencil crete look good for a few months then the elements start to break it down it will fade, crack, and then the fun, expense and games begin. You will never experience this with iCoat flooring just compare our warranty to a traditional epoxy floor coatings in Melbourne. Quite honestly they are pokie  you will not get a warranty on residential or commercial applications.

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