How To Utilise Facebook Social Media Marketing In Your Business

In stumbled across this infograph whilst on my Internet wanderings; featured in an article on Social Media Today, a blog featuring trends and developments in social media. It stood out for a number of reasons, the most obvious being visually attractive. The second was how the author, Nick Bennett captured the varying (sceptical) views of the role of social media in business.

There is no denying the potential connectivity that lies in social media platforms like Facebook; however, finding the right way to utilise its potential within your business is not so obvious.

This nicely presented graphic destroys some of the “myths” commonly associated with business and Facebook. As a social media copywriter for InfoLink IT, I fear established businesses and companies use these so-called myths as excuses, because let’s face it – social media marketing is time consuming, requires perseverance and might not produce instant results. This is by no means to say that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumpleupon and Digg are not powerful marketing tools – in fact, if you have yet to explore these avenues, you might be pleasantly surprised by their networking potential.

View the full article by Nick Bennett here.

By Greta Stevens

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