Save Money On Your Electricity Accounts With e-Energy Electricity Monitor

In 2015 the way we are billed for our electricity one way is real power the actual power we use the power constantly then there is reactive power that creates the magnetic fields that is used by lighting etc.

Does Your Power Factor Need Correcting? Save money on your power bill

Power Factor is a measure of how effectively incoming power is used in your business & is defined as the ratio of real (working) power to apparent (total) power.

  • If your Power Factor is low, you may be paying more than you need to for your electricity.
  • If you are regularly registering less than 0.9, you have a low Power Factor
  • It is actually a network regulation that customers maintain a minimum Power Factor of 0.9

Most business that use a approximately $7000 per bill then with the billing changes most businesses will pay another $3000 per bill under these changes. So what are the alternatives? There is many solutions from e -Energy Technology Based Energy Solutions Provider. There products are proven to work and save majority of businesses around 30% on electricity bills. Don’t pay for what you don’t use our system puts a stop to top priced bills. Save money on electricity with energy saving devices e-energy managed services specialise in power saving devices on air conditioning, lighting, refrigeration, led lighting. E-energy provides a fully integrated range of Managed Services for all systems in businesses. From commercial office buildings to supermarkets, our managed services include consultancy, design, project management, installation and commissioning, technical support & ongoing system management.

Reduce Electricity Costs & Improve Efficiency with our Reliable Managed Solutions

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