Beware of Insolvency Practitioners Claiming The Can Fix Bad Credit Ratings

As more financial hard times fall upon us we have witnesses a new breed of criminal the Insolvency practitioner this individual or business makes way out claims that they can fix damaged credit reports and history with credit reporting agencies.

ASIC has expressed concerns about the promises made by many Insolvency practitioners and Australian Credit Repair Agencies.

These businesses promote credit repair services to consumers with credit problems. Unfortunately misleading advertisements and Google advertising campaigns lead the unaware to believe in miracles – like bad credit can be simply washed away by employing the services of a credit repair company. In reality, consumers that qualfy for credit repair can in many cases achieve the desired outcome through their own effort at little or no cost.

You need to be very careful if and when you deal with one of these shady operators that you never sign or commit to anything with them, especially never sign a service agreement with them.

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