Car Stickers an Effective Marketing Strategy – Cheap Vehicle Stickers by Eco Graphics

Eco Graphics offers complete car sticker printing and vehicle decal design suitable for all vehicles no matter their shape or size. It is important that your car stickers are not only designed and printed on a quality substrate but that they are affixed professionally to ensure their lasting effect.

A car sticker read when sitting at the traffic lights enters our subconscious memory that although not available on immediate recall will have a lasting impression when the information is needed at a later date. It is this brand awareness that is essential in creating a cohesive and holistic marketing approach.

Eco Graphics is proud to supply custom car sticker printing services to business small and large Australia-wide. Other sticker services by Eco Graphics including Vehicle Decals, Windscreen Stickers and Bumper Stickers consist of:

  • Floor graphics
  • Night reflective stickers
  • Merchandise stickers
  • Campaign stickers
  • Real estate stickers
  • Large sticker banners
  • Small cut stickers
  • Custom design stickers of any shape or size

Promote your business in store with a wide range of promotional sticker options, custom designed to suit your business style, branding and environment while having complete mobile promotion with Eco Graphics custom Car Stickers and Vehicle Decals. For more information or a quote on your vehicle call the professional team on 1300 976 787 or visit