Internal Ducted Vacuum Systems Gold Coast Vacu-Maid Solutions

Take the hassle out of cleaning with Vacu-Maid Gold Coast Ducted Vacuum Systems. Wall installed ducted vacuum systems offer a fully centralised structure that takes the hard work and messy nature out of vacuuming, creating a more powerful, healthier cleaning system.

Vacu-Maid Gold Coast services new, renovated and existing home with a customisable ducted vacuum systems custom fitted hidden PVC tubing within the walls of your home.

Conveniently located wall inlets allow you to plug the vacuum hose directly into the Vacu-Maid ducted system and clean away! The benefits include:

  • No more lugging heavy, awkward canister
  • No more maneuvering around furniture or up and down stairs
  • No more cleaning filters or changing bags
  • System turns on and off with the removal of the hose
  • Removes all dirt, hair, dust, pollen and more
  • Does not exhaust fine dust and particles back into the air
  • Quiet and undisruptive
  • Accompanied by a range of ducted vacuuming accessories
  • Gentle, yet powerful cleaning
  • Custom installation for optimum placement
  • No filters to clog, that means 100% sustained cleaning power

All matter is collected into a tidy bin bag located in a remote area of your home for simple, clean disposal. Internal Vacuum Systems like those of Vacu-Maid Gold Coast transform your approach to cleaning with simple, instant and efficient cleaning.

For more information on the cyclonic cleaning power or Ducted Vacuum Systems Gold Coast visit or call 07 5533 9550 to arrange an inspection and quote of your home or design.