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North Coach Motorhome Directory Boosts Queensland Tourism

In the wake of the recent devastating Queensland floods, tourists are being encouraged to continue with their plans to visit Queensland in the hope that it will bring much needed dollars into the suffering state.

Tourism Minister Peter Lawlor said today that while Queensland was facing its most challenging natural disaster it was important that the states tourism industry was kept running.
“We have seen lives lost and communities devastated by these floods and our State will face one of the toughest challenges it has ever experienced to recover from this tragedy,” Mr Lawlor said.

The floods have also had an indirect affect on business and tourism in other non-flood affected areas with travellers cancelling or postponing their trips because of concerns about the flooding.
“I want to assure travellers that Queensland’s tourism destinations unaffected by flooding still have the red carpet rolled out to welcome interstate and international visitors and are very much operating.”

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Visit Queensland this year and spend some time in the breathtaking state and help the economy along in the process. For more information on motorhomes and accessories visit