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Miami Ice the latest buzz from Herbal Obsession supplier of legalised marijuana

Say hello to Herbal Obsessions little friend! Herbal Obsession, Australia’s leading supplier of legalised marijuana is proud to launch their newest line: Miami Ice. Stay cool like a cucumber with this great new product available in 1.1 gram packs, Miami Ice is the ultimate ‘plant feeder’.

Do you wish you could party like Charlie Sheen wishes he could with a product that would put Keith Richards on his arse! Miami Ice is what Scarface wishes he should have used! He wouldn’t have landed up in any trouble with the law! Miami Ice is simply incredible!

These products are available to the public in a number of States, the team at Herbal Obsession has been creating special blends of herbs to give buzzes like the illegal narcotics but ones that are completely legal. With our other popular products such as Demon Strength, Pineapple Express and other legal marijuana blends, we have quickly become Australia’s best supplier of legal marijuana that deliver direct to your door! We now have an exciting pill range, of which Miami Ice is our premier product!

Miami Ice is one of our pill form products that is available in 1.1 gram packs for $79.95 plus postage and handling. Miami Ice will have you bouncing off the walls just like a narcotic without the illegality. With our fast delivery services using Startrack Express, our products can be delivered to your doorstep within 3 business days if you select our express postal options.

What are you waiting for? Get your Miami Ice on your doorstep now and party the weekend away!