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DIY Conveyancing Kit Complete DIY Online Conveyancing NSW and QLD

Conveyancing is now easier and more affordable with Quicklaw DIY Conveyance Kit. If you are looking quick, cheap conveyancing that you can do at your own pace while saving thousands of dollars consider a Do-It-Yourself Conveyancing Kit with Quicklaw Conveyancing. Be your own conveyancer with everything you need to complete secure and private legal purchase or sale with lawyer support available at all times. No need to take conveyancing courses, complete online conveyancing without the need of expensive conveyancing solicitors at DIY Conveyancing Kit.

It is common misconception held by some members of the public and real estate agents that you require a solicitor or registered conveyancer in order to transfer, create or extinguish ownership of land or property. This is simply not true. To transfer ownership of land from a seller to a buyer, all the legal documentation according to your state legislation must be completed. Whether this is by you or a solicitor is up to you. The difference lies in how much money you want to pay.

A typical conveyance is largely administrative, rather than legal, in nature. Quicklaw’s award winning interactive Conveyancing software tailors your documentation according to the legal nature of your conveyance.

For the Buyer a typical conveyance includes:

  • Arrange Pest & Building inspections (optional)
  • Arrange finance for the purchase (if required)
  • Make up the transfer of ownership form – this is a standard form which is filled in by the Buyer.  It is signed by the Seller and the Buyer
  • Pay stamp duty on the transfer form – the Buyer lodges the form with the office of State Revenue and pays stamp duty
  • Order property searches
  • Work out adjustments (eg for rates & water) to the purchase price with the Seller
  • Attend at settlement to handover the cheques and collect the Title Deed

For the Seller a typical conveyance includes:

  • Arrange release of your mortgage and pay out figure with your financier (if applicable)
  • Sign the transfer forms submitted by Buyer
  • Work out adjustments (eg. rates and water) to the purchase price with the Buyer
  • Attend at settlement to collect the cheques and hand over the Title Deed

For all those looking to buy or sell property in Queensland or New South Wales and need quick, customised, affordable conveyancing – completed at your own time, in your own home – visit for compete DIY Conveyancing Kit.