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Jewels by George Noosa

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Franch Herval Jewellery

Jewellery by George is the online jewellery store Jewels by George for Uncle George is a quirky and colourful boutique located in Hastings Street, Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. Uncle George Jewellery is sourced from exotic locations such as Europe and Israel, all our jewellery will entice devotees and collectors and wearers of fashion jewellery.

Mariana Jewellery

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Jewels by George stock brands such as Ayala Bar, Dori Csengeri, Franck Herval, Mariana, Nature Bijoux, Ori Tao and Taratata. See below for more about our brands.
Consider a jewellery item from Uncle George to add a fashion statement to your wardrobe and personality. Uncle George jewellery makes an ideal gift for a friend or loved one.

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to visit the largest selection of Ayala Bar, Dori Csengeri, Franck Herval, Mariana, Nature Bijoux, Ori Tao and Taratata quality affordable jewellery.

Don’t Trust RACQ Insurance You Pay Your Policy Make A Claim The Won’t Pay

Don’t get left stranded at sea with an RACQ boat insurance policy, this story is somewhat disturbing Paul Klerck owns a family Jet Boat the jet drive was destroyed by sucking in coral rubble, after more than 3 months of debate RACQ insurance agreed to the repair quote of $13,500 however at the time they said the repairer wanted to be paid in advance and they could not pay him but they could pay me direct as full and final payment I said no if you pay me and there is still a problem what protection do I have, oh don’t worry Mr Klerck RACQ will not leave you high and dry well 6 months later we are still dry docked as I battle it out with RACQ Boat insurance as they went back on their wording don’t worry Mr Klerck we RACQ insurance will not leave you high and dry our obligation is to put you in the same position as to what you were in before the incident. But now the assessors have come in and said the additional engine damage was caused by me driving the boat under powered from Great Keppel Island to the marina I could not raise VMR as our phone had no range.

I had 3 little children hot and tired I was stressed with this and as I am battling brain cancer since Anzac day 2014 I was becoming so worried that we would not make it back we got a partial way tow to the front of the marina entrance from a kind passer by. But it would appear the damage was already done to the engine not only the jet drive. This was also the repair agents concern this is why he would not give me a 100% fix guarantee as he said the engine and block maybe damaged as it is this is the case but now RACQ say you only have $15,000 cover on your motor so you have $1,500 credit I fought this saying payment already made is irrelevant as I never agreed to a full and final settlement but regardless RACQ gods will not honour my repairs so much for their we will not leave you high and dry so now I am left with either accepting a $5150 goodwill payment and I have to come up with the other $5150 to replace the engine.

My answer was no way I have fought brain cancer for my wife and children since 2014 I was given 3 weeks to live at Christmas with acute B Cell Lymphoma of my Central Nervous System so I will be stuffed if I don’t fight RACQ they have a policy holder obligation and moral obligation so today I start with a viral awareness campaign against RACQ I will be going to the media and TV The Project have already shown interest in running a public awareness story in regards to Father of 5 children, 3 of which are under 5 goes to war against his brain cancer and RACQ. Paul Klerck will be hitching his boat up after it is all sign written with Don’t Trust RACQ Insurance regardless of payment promises on fixing the boat they are now refusing to cover total cost they will only cover 50%. Would you trust RACQ Insurance.

So where to from here I will be filling a QCAT Claim today for the full outstanding repair, a good friend will be wrapping my boat in an advertising wrap that I will tow and park out the front of RACQ insurance in Rockhampton and the Roselyn Bay Marina Boat Ramp this will become a mobile billboard that will read the following.

RACQ It Pays to Be Long, No We Paid and Got It Wrong With RACQ

RACQ will not repair my boat after promising they would after a partial repair failed to fix boat engine.
So brain cancer patient Paul Klerck says he battled a brain cancer death sentence so he will battle RACQ.

I will be going to the media and evidencing all correspondence between RACQ, myself and the repairer and turning to social media to battle Queensland’s largest club and highlighting them for who and what they really stand for. It is great that my friends are backing me even Leigh Williams owner of Regional Waste will be place don’t trust RACQ Insurance they fed policy holders rubbish and don’t pay. This will look great on more than 15 large rubbish trucks.

I always say if you believe in something strong enough you need to fight for it if not you will come off second best I am a fighter and will not back down until RACQ acknowledge and settle my repair and claim in full Paul Klerck states.RACQ

Paulownia Trees For Sale Invest In Australian Paulownia Plantation

large Paulownia Plantation a Worldwide Investment Opportunity Act Now!

Add a Paulownia Tree plantation to your investment portfolio or your self managed superannuation policy.

Adding a Paulownia tree plantation makes the ideal investment for any portfolio. Paulownia wood is a light-weight, yet strong material that has many uses including:

  • Biomass
  • Shutters for Windows
  • Strip Planking for Boats
  • Fitouts for Caravans, Aeroplanes & Motorhomes
  • Surfboards
  • Mouldings
  • Wood Turning
  • Musical Instruments
  • Honey Production
  • Furniture
  • Doors
  • Plywood
  • Veneer

Contact us today for investment opportunity we currently have a plantation available with mature Paulownia trees some ready to be cut and turned in to dollars fast.

For more iformation visit

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