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Accommodation Guys Social Media For Hotel Resort Apartment Property Managers

With the official launch drawing closer of Accommodation Guys a dedicated social media platform for the accommodation industry the hype and momentum continues. Accommodation Guys is going to give property managers and owners a dedicated medium to display their property this includes major hotel and resort chains by top level category as well as individual properties by country and city as well.

The public will be able to become fans of the properties by brand, by location or by city this way they can choose. The property will be able to display direct deals and provide coupon style discounts to their fan base and will not be liable for any commission back to Accommodation Guys.

The fans or public will benefit because they will be able to get great deals and specials direct from their preferred hotel, resort or apartment complex. Further to this Accommodation Guys also allows individual property owners and smaller boutique style properties to list their property on Accommodation Guys.

Paul Klerck teh creator of Accommodation Guys says in addition to being an accommodation social media channel it also allows travel blogs, photos, videos and much more together with the birth of Travis and Elton the Accommodation Guys. Travis better known as Trav and Elton El put them together and you have Trav-El two “Travel” experts.

Stay tuned for the official launch and official investor prospectus release 30 June 2011.